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  • Group Coaching on FB
  • PDF Worksheets & Templates
  • 1 Zoom Call Training
  • 1 Zoom Call Q&A Once a Month
  • Business Planning
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  • Cancel at any time
  • 30 Min./ Monthly 1:1 with Amy Mikhaiel
  • 1 Live Training per Month
  • 1 Monthly Zoom Calls
  • PDF Worksheets & Templates
  • VIP Group Coaching on FB Access
  • Cleaning Industry Guest Speakers
  • Payroll & Marketing
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  • Learn how to set up your operations the right way, the first time. From attracting the perfect clients, hiring great staff, to tackling business challenges like a pro!
  • Group coaching to accelerate your business growth and get you to success.
  • Unlimited, exclusive access to the most effective tools and resources to quickly grow your cleaning business in a fraction of the time it would take to do it alone.
  • Become a master of productivity! Know the right tasks to work on to accelerate your business growth.
  • Incredible group support that will help you regardless of where you are in the process.
  • Step-by-step training to teach you everything you’ll need to run your business successfully, in less time and with less stress.

"As the owner of a successful cleaning business, I was looking for a coach to help me take my business to the next level. It is my mission to grow and expand in my way that not only enriches my life, but the lives of my team, community and clients.
It's is important to me that the coach I work with had grown a business herself. Much of what I do can't be understoon in theory, it's only understood in practice (much like parenting).

Prior to interviewing Amy, I interviewed 3 highly recommended coaches and was quite discouraged. I instantly connected with Amy as she really seemed to see me as an individual and not just a way to make money. She heard me and immediately began helping me.

I've been in the industry for 16 years and within the 1st few minutes of taking with Amy she helped me gain a fresh perspective. I knew almost immediately that this was a woman I wanted to work with and that she would not only help me obtain my goals, but that she has a vision that aligns with mine.

What I noticed immediately was that she was authentic and raw. She has excellent intuition and we were able to get to work immediately."